前回書いたように、3つのDefectを取り除いてもらい、Below Standardから抜け出たはずでした。

ところが、前回のやり取りから3日ほど経って改訂されたSeller Statusは以下の通りでした。

Current seller level
Below Standard
As of Aug 21, 2020

If we evaluated you today Your seller level would be
Top Rated
Next evaluation on Sep 20, 2020

この通り、現在の評価はBelow Standardのまま残ってしまったのです。そこで、この点についてもう一度、修正依頼を送りましたが、その返答は以下の通りでした。

Thank you for getting back to us with your concern about your seller level. I understand it should be above standard now as you have already appealed the 3 defects and it is granted. Please know that I am here willing to assist you so let me look into this for you.

I have reviewed your account and I want to let you know that the defects were removed after you have been evaluated on the 20th of August. This is the reason why your seller level remained Below Standard with 0.37% defect rate. Please know that it is the system that updates your seller level. The defects that were appealed and removed will be for your next evaluation on the 20th of September which you will be on top rated seller.