1月後半に、出品画面上、インドのBuyerが選べるはずの、Standard Shippingが何故か選べない状態になっているのを発見しました。以下の画面のように、Economy Shippingだけが表示されています。







Request for Survey
We list to sell: eBay item number: 999999999999.
If you look at the listing for this item, it says that we offer both
Economy shipping and also Standard Shipping for Asia, etc.
However, when we see the listing page, the Shipping and payments tab,
and try to select India, for instance, there is no description for
Standard shipping, but only Economy shipping shows up.
Would you please check why this happens and correct the system?

We attach screenshots for your reference.
1. Upper part of the listing for 999999999999   (商品の最初のページです)
2. Lower part of the listing, where India is selected without Standard shipping(上記、1つ目)
3. Listing Revision screen, where Standard shipping is defined for Asia, etc.(上記、2つ目)

Because of this system error, Indian buyer is complaining us that
he cannot select Standard shipping.
We appreciate your prompt response/correction.
Thank you very much.


I can see that many of the countries are showing the standard shipping service but no for India. It might be the reason that there may be no standard service available for India, also because of this COVID pandemic situation many of shipping services are not operational and so the standard shipping options are also not coming.

そこで翌日1/31に直ぐ、「実はこれはインドだけでなく、これこれの国でも起きている」「これはシステムバグだと思う」と再度メールしました。ところが、これについても、適当な対応で答えが来ません。更にもう一度、やり取りしましたが、「一部の国はStandard Shippingが使えない」などとの返信が来て、らちが明かず。であれば、どのようなルール、設定になっているのか?と聞いたところ、2/2に、何と以下のような返答がきました。

Both your Standard international shipping service are overriding and this has cause shipping not be updated correctly. Please note Asia and Canada is counted under worldwide.

Since the information on shipping is overlapping we suggest you select only one international shipping ( either worldwide or standard international shipping)

つまり、こちらの設定が間違っているというのです。仕方ないので、2/3に、同じページで、カナダ、韓国、ドイツを選んだ時にはちゃんと、適切なStandard Shippingが表示されることを、画面コピーをつけて連絡しました。